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sometimes, I wonder
When you go under,
will you be the same
when you rise?

I sit here silently
dying on the inside
just to let you know
how I feel.

I want to be there
since I want you so
and deep down I know

That you want me the same.



To fight the war; to want to die
to not belong, to be a lost soldier.

WAndering from place to place; never complete.
To know my home. My station in life.

I am broken pieces strewn on the floor
without anyone to put them back together again.

I’m lost. A stranger in paradise with the world at my fingertips.

As I grasp for the world, it slips through.

The more I grasp, the more I spiral
out of control; into oblivion

And I’m okay with that.


I lay in a wet spot on my sheets
like a gun without a bullet in the chamber
useless; unable to perform my feats
curling up alone, dying to sleep.

the consistent emptiness until I get my fix
the release makes me feel ecstasy
elation flys in my brain and enters the mix
and makes me want to reach out.

Reach for the heavens and yell
but after, I feel alone again.
Orgasm to Orgasm; between the sheets.

There is a Light.

A poem written for someone pretty darn special.

The smell of salty sea air attacks my nose.  I feel the burn.
The boat rocks and sways with the ocean.

I am alone on this vessel with my burden to bear.
A fog rolls over and I think of nothing.

I light the lamp as to see.
Nothing there but I need to see.

See the nothing.

Between the wafts of fog I see another light.
It  comes closer.  Closer still.

The boat passes by slowly.  I see you there.
Another on a journey that they are alone.

Do I ask you to join me?  No.
This is meant to be a journey of loneliness.

You pass by.  The smell of the salty sea air.
You’re gone now.  But I still see your light

There is a light.
And it never goes out.

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