The Sky’s the Limit.

There is a common phenomenon that is connected to the newer generations (Generation X, Generation Y, the iGeneration, and Generation A) called Option O.D.  Which simply means over dosing on the options laid before us.  We get bombarded with choices, opportunity, and motivational posters telling us to “shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you land among the stars!”


If you follow your dreams (as most people tend to do now) you don’t end up among the stars.  You end up poor and in debt and the only way you can get money to survive is sucking dick behind the 7-11 for less than the ACTUAL 7-11 worker makes because that job is “below you”.  Working a decent days work is below you?  Whatever you say, spunkmouth.

The oppourtunity that any middle class person has is insurmountable.  There are always options to get to where you want to be.  May it be working until you can afford it, re-educating yourself to get a better career, or even just fucking stealing it.  These are all choices that a normal person can do.  Some better than others mind you but the principle is still there.

The huge amount of choices is daunting to anyone.  If you’re in your 20’s or just graduated high school I want you to think what your choices are career-wise.  The choices are pretty much infinite.  With infinite choice comes Choice Paralysis.  Choice Paralysis is defined as a situation where one is presented with infinite choice and thusly gets afraid of making the wrong choice that no choice is made and the person stays in the starting position refusing to advance.  I’ve been guilty of it.  We all have.

Kids of this generation are spoiled as fuck.  But so was I.  I had the internet and that is what I can assume ruined me and this generation.  An abundance of information at our fingertips creates a need for instant gratification.  A good example:  I can download an album from a band in less than 5 minutes (depending on seeders) and I still want it faster.  I watch that download bar and it goes as slow as old people fuck when I want it go as fast as this guy (NOT SAFE FOR WORK).

These are my views on choice paralysis and now I have one more choice to make.  Do I hit the publish button to let you know what I think?

You already know what I chose.  Now, what will you choose?



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